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Function, Flexibility and Lots of Storage

Three Hinkley regulars tell us how they design with kiddos in mind

One of our favorite parts of what makes us who we are is the ability to connect with creative, talented individuals who love the Hinkley brand. With fresh, personal tastes, they help us understand where their style and inspiration derives from – and often times, how lighting plays an integral role in that. We had the chance to interview three unique Hinkley shoppers who gave us a deeper look into what they do and how they do it.

ABOVE: Mercer Sconce; PHOTO: @kristen.mayfield

Can you tell us a little bit about Coomer and Co. i.e. how you got started, your team members and your design firm in general?

Coomer & Co. was started in 2012. After I graduated from college, my husband traveled with the Army so I took it upon myself to start my own business. At first it was just myself, and I began to get so busy I needed the help. Now it’s me and my assistant designer, Meaghan. We do both commercial and residential space, but definitely specialize in residential. We love how personal residential is and we love working with our homeowners to do specialized spaces just for them!

We are obsessed with the practicality and function of this space! Can you tell us about your creative thinking behind this bunk/playroom combo?

The homeowners are blessed with 6+ grandchildren and wanted a space they could feel at home in and not be afraid to have fun and be creative. The bunks make for a practical yet whimsical sleeping situation. We added a fun pop of color on a trim/accent wall to give it another pop of personality.

When you started this project, what was a main priority for the homeowner?

The homeowner wanted a bunk area from the beginning. It was important for them to have a purposeful space for their grandchildren.

What drew you to use Mercer for this space?

The Mercer sconce was the perfect addition to the bunk area. We loved that it was playful yet chic, therefore still a continuation of the more formal spaces in the house. It was both the perfect size and look to tuck right in with the bunks. The gold tone of it helped warm up the light-colored walls and also add an almost fun, nautical feel that every kiddo loves.

Check out @coomerandco on Instagram and see more of their projects on; shop Mercer here

ABOVE: Carlton Semi-Flush Mount; PHOTO: @caitlinantje

Hinkley is very familiar with Sapphire Pear as we’ve worked on many projects together. For those who aren’t familiar, can you tell us a little bit about your team and your design firm in general?

We have an amazing team of four at Sapphire Pear and each of us play an integral part of the project process for our clients. We like to use color in our design, and it is important to us that our client’s homes or spaces reflect them or their company. We do like to have fun in the process and love to throw a good party.

You've designed several children’s rooms – do you approach these designs differently?

Surprisingly I don’t approach kid’s rooms any differently than any other room, but I do know typically the client will let me have a little more fun and get more creative. I design children’s rooms for them to grow up in and make sure they won’t date quickly, so I avoid any characters or themes.

Check out @sapphirepear on Instagram and see more of their projects on; shop Carlton here

ABOVE: Somerset Pendant; PHOTO: @elisejoy

Can you tell us about your journey in becoming an expert DIY-er and master-crafter?

My parents were always big on DIY house projects when I was growing up so I feel like I followed their lead and just believed that trying to do something yourself was worth it. I started a blog ( in 2005 and was always looking for new craft projects and DIYs to share. We also moved a lot the first few years of our marriage (my husband is in the Navy) and so it felt like every eighteen months I had a new place to decorate.

We followed the remodel of your new home and noticed you really paid attention to the details; what was your process in designing each space?

Thank you! I am happy with how the house is coming together. My process was to come up with a color scheme early. I knew that I wanted the whole house to be light and bright and so I went with mostly white and cream for the big items (walls, tile and cabinets). Then I decided to use brass finishes so that narrowed my lighting and faucet choices (I find having less options is much better than more options). I chose to warm up the spaces with wood and tan furniture and add a pop of blue through rugs, pillows and the bathroom tile.

What drew you to Somerset for this space?

I stumbled on the lights while searching “brass” and knew right away they would be perfect. I wanted something simple that made a statement and I couldn’t be happier with the pendants.

We love how you capture so many day-to-day activities in your feed with your family. When creating this space, was everyday practicality for your two daughters a main driver in the design?

Yes, definitely. My girls are 3 and 6 but we plan to live in this house for a very long time, so I was thinking about what would work now AND what would work ten years from now when they are in high school. We wanted a ton of seating at the island for coloring and helping with baking cookies now, and for homework and early morning breakfast in the future. My biggest tip for making a space work for kids is hidden storage for toys, art supplies and the piles of stuff that kids like to travel with. This might be extra cabinets or baskets. For us right now, this is a vintage coffee table that opens up. Ours is packed with art supplies!

Check out @elisejoy on Instagram and see more of her projects on; shop Somerset here

Design Firm Sapphire Pear Gives Hinkley Headquarters an Energy Boost

Owner and designer Barrie Spang spills the beans on the new coffee bar design

As part of its latest addition, Hinkley wanted to add a little pep into its office. So, we got together with design firm Sapphire Pear to visualize a new meeting area that could eliminate dead space by incorporating style, function and intimacy. And as a result… the coffee bar was born.

We were lucky to chat with Barrie Spang, Owner and Designer, to learn more about her firm, her design inspiration and the project itself! Grab yourself a cup of coffee and dive into the interview.

ABOVE: Hampton Chandelier + Warby pendant | BOTTOM RIGHT: Barrie Spang, Sapphire Pear

Hinkley is very familiar with Sapphire Pear as we’ve worked on many projects together. For those who aren’t familiar, can you tell us a little bit about your team and your design firm in general?

We have an amazing team of four at Sapphire Pear and each of us play an integral part of the project process for our clients. We like to use color in our design, and it is important to us that our client’s homes or spaces reflect them or their company. We do like to have fun in the process and love to throw a good party.

What are the most important aspects to consider when designing a commercial space?

Scale and color are both important parts of designing for commercial spaces. Materials and colors that may work residentially often need to be adjusted for commercial spaces. Larger patterns and bright colors work better commercially. Some companies play it a little safe with their projects, which is why I love doing projects with Hinkley. With Hinkley, I can execute a bolder design aesthetic to reflect a very fashion forward brand.

What was the biggest challenge in designing the coffee bar for Hinkley headquarters?

I had a vision of how I wanted the backwall to look, but I was not finding the materials in a stock format. Then the idea grew to having custom glass panels made which allowed for fewer joint lines and an overall better result.

What is your process when outsourcing partners for projects? Do you continuously return to anyone?

It is comfortable to work with the same people over and over because you know what to expect from them and you get into a groove, but I also love to reach out to new vendors. Really whatever is best for the project and our clients.

We love your Instagram feed! We noticed lighting plays an integral role in your designs. How do you go about choosing the right fixtures for a space?

I think of lighting as the finishing touch, or jewelry if you will, of a project, so it must be the perfect complement to what is happening in the space. I know all the “rules of lighting”, but I don’t always follow them.

How do you get inspired, or where do you pull your inspiration from?

I know it is cliché, but I really do find inspiration everywhere. Travel, out for a walk, dinner at a new restaurant, a trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Truly anywhere.

Do you have a favorite room of the home to design?

Other than children’s rooms, my favorites are probably bathrooms, specifically Powder Rooms. I love to push my clients out of their comfort zone a bit with an unusual wallpaper, color, tile or light fixture. Or, sometimes all of those in one space.

What’s next for Sapphire Pear? Any upcoming work projects you can share with us?

We are currently doing an exciting new build in Charleston, South Carolina, a renovation in Naples, Florida along with our exciting projects right here in Northeast Ohio.

Q+A with Lisa McDennon

In April, members of the Hinkley team traveled to Milan to attend the international lighting exhibition, Euroluce. Among them was our very own designer, Lisa McDennon, who debuted her latest Hinkley Lighting Collection.

We sat down with Lisa and chatted all things design trends, style inspiration and, of course, decorative lighting! Read up on her Q+A to get filled in on all the latest details.

What were your key takeaways from the show?

Salone del Mobile is the premier design show in the world, and certainly the place to see the latest trends and products in our industry.  I saw a lot of beautiful glasswork and globes – in all shapes and sizes and colors – which were all the rage. There were a lot of botanical and nature-inspired influences, as well as a variety of warm metals and woods.  I also discovered a lot of exciting exhibitions and design showrooms outside of the fairgrounds themselves.

Your work has such a wonderful organic quality. Did you see a material or texture at Salone del Milano that really intrigued you?

Yes, I saw a lot of outdoor furniture that utilized woven rope in its design and construction; it is a material I like incorporating into my work as well, so it was exciting to see its use being expanded and expressed in a variety of creative and innovative ways.

What does modern style mean to you? 

Modern style to me means design that is crisp, clean, and has a boldness to it – which means that it requires meaningful intent, and in order to execute successfully, it requires planning and quality craftsmanship. Modern designs can have a nod to the past, but are reinterpreted to be relevant to us today. 

This might be like asking if you have a favorite child but do you have a favorite fixture? What makes it your favorite? 

That is so hard to say! Yes, they are all my babies! But if you must make me choose, I would have to say my favorite right now is the Ludlow pendant in acrylic. It’s my favorite because I think it is fun and has lots of personality and is fresh, crisp and versatile. The mixture of the polished nickel, the white hair on the hide strap and the acrylic body is a beautiful combination.

Can you give us a hint about what we can see next from the Lisa McDennon Collection?

I have many more designs in the works, and they continue to play with different organic shapes and explore unique combinations of materials that we are not as accustomed to seeing in lighting fixtures. 

If you had to choose a favorite thing about Italy or the Italian lifestyle, what would it be?

In Italy, there is a historic treasure around every corner. Italians get to enjoy the beauty and history of their culture as part of their everyday modern-day experience. I think that exposure is reflected in their lifestyle and culture – it is neither forgotten nor taken for granted, but rather it is honored and influences their designs and lifestyle. For me, I enjoyed the care that was given to even the simple day-to-day things – such as the flower arrangements or fresh fruits in the open-air markets, and I can’t help but credit the way they prepare their food – every meal was like a piece of art!



Eye on Design: Postcard from Milan

Inspiration abounds at Euroluce, the trendsetting lighting show.

Every year designers and style seekers from around the globe travel to Milan, one of Italy’s chicest cities and a mecca for modern trends, to attend Salone del Mobile. This global platform for design shapes the products of tomorrow for home furnishings, lighting and décor.

A favorite hot spot during Salone del Mobile is Euroluce, the international lighting exhibition, which features the most avant garde decorative lighting in the world. As our CEO of style (and everything else!) Rick Wiedemer says, “It’s vital to keep a fresh perspective. Visiting Euroluce for technological innovation and design inspiration is key because we’re constantly seeking out new ways for our products to improve people’s homes and lifestyles.”

And even more exciting than experiencing the show? Being IN it. Our very own style star, Lisa McDennon, debuted her vibrant Hinkley Lighting collection on the world stage. She gives us her take on being a part of this incredible international showcase of creativity.

So grab a cappuccino. Let’s catch up with our savvy creative team and see what trends caught their discerning eye, while enjoying their expert product picks that tap into these desirable trends.


Linear chandeliers continue to stretch the limits of the imagination. “We saw an incredibly diverse range of linear lighting at Euroluce,” says Kevin Kraemer, Senior Product Designer at Hinkley. “LED has totally changed the game, and continues to open up a whole new world of creativity in lighting design.”

He has had a front row seat to this metamorphosis, watching linear chandeliers evolve through years of attending European trade shows, excitedly noting that “today, nothing is off limits.” He points to two of his favorite new linear chandelier designs for Fredrick Ramond, Hinkley’s luxury line, STYX and HARMONY, that are redefining modern lighting fixtures in fresh, innovative ways.  

When designing the STYX linear chandelier, Kraemer integrated the LED light source into the frame, allowing the striking metallic gold branches in the center to become the star of the fixture. “LED technology allows designers like me to break the mold, and think outside the box,” he says.


Hinkley owner and vice president Eric Wiedemer, who also leads Hinkley’s product and trend teams agrees, “The advent of LED technology has created new possibilities for taking lighting design far beyond traditional bulb-and-socket paradigms. We are creating unique new designs that weren’t possible 10 years ago,” he says. Linear shapes also offer incredible versatility. As Kraemer explains, “The HARMONY linear chandelier, with its multiple LED light sources, allows for multiple customization and configuration options. This design can actually evolve along with the desires of its owner, adapting to new furniture or aesthetic changes to the space.” He points to diverse arrangements with pattern, organization and varying heights that are feasible thanks to the adjustability of the individual tubes of the fixture. While HARMONY is robust, weighing over 50 pounds, once installed it is easily modified without expert assistance.


This timeless silhouette made a powerful show of force throughout the Euroluce exhibition, proving once again that the globe is here to stay. Our team saw thrilling new interpretations, like layering multiple globes together, or clear glass globes pierced with slender rods, even prismatic globes. “Globes were all the rage,” says designer Lisa McDennon, “and I saw them in all shapes, sizes and colors.” One of her most popular silhouettes, SKYE, pays homage to this powerful design statement and was on display at Euroluce. Mesmerizingly asymmetrical with a mid-century modern flair, SKYE showcases a cluster of clear, open globes, each encircled with a slender brass ring. Each opening is off center and the globes fall to different lengths. A worthy investment, the globe is a classic that will never be too trendy.


Lighting designs with an earthy edge emerged as powerful trend. Vine-like shapes, and delicate details that represent leaves, floral buds and even butterfly wings were prevalent. The stunning EVE chandelier from the Fredrick Ramond luxury line features elements inspired by nature but reinterpreted in dramatic fashion, like this striking chandelier in a hammered Champagne Gold finish.

Eye On Design : Lisa McDennon


Pushing boundaries is nothing new to Lisa McDennon. “I like making an impact, creating a new direction, “says the California-based designer. Inspired by the region’s beauty, history, and culture, McDennon’s distinctive style reinvigorates coastal California design.   She works with natural materials, elegant forms, and varied textures to create modern interiors that are sophisticated, unexpected, and timeless.

With degrees in fine art and interior design, McDennon brings a deep knowledge of art and architecture to all her work. For the debut Lisa McDennon lighting collection with Hinkley, “I really pushed the boundaries and focused on creating fresh designs with striking materials. The driving aesthetic is edgy and sculptural, drawing on what constantly inspires me as an artist and a designer,” says McDennon.

The debut of the Lisa McDennon Lighting Collection features four families – LUDLOW, FOLIO, NULA and REN – meticulously crafted with unique personalities that highlight their bold and provocative shapes.

The Ludlow Family

Ludlow cleverly blends a penchant for industrial features with inspiration drawn from Palladian architecture. Designed around the light source, Ludlow plays with the simple geometry of circles and squares in the linear chandelier while a chic pendant light integrates the warmth and texture of cowhide with steel for an ultra-stylish composition.

The Folio Family

Inspired by the idea of structure combined with movement, Folio is composed of framed, illuminated LED panels that rotate to create diverse angles, infusing a space with crisp modernity.

The Nula Family

The Nula light is a work of art. A juxtaposition of industrial elements and organic influences transmutes simplicity into decadence. Paying homage to Lisa’s “obsession” with ceramics, the dense chalk-white exterior pairs with a gleaming, luxe gold interior and elicits a dramatic effect. Several designs offer flexibility to customize for unique installations.

The Ren Family

Ren draws inspiration from a simple found object, now reinterpreted with a post-modern aesthetic. The striking matte black pods with tantalizing interiors of luminous gold cradle a glowing globe of light to create a stunning statement.

Explore more Lisa McDennon products.