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Five Advantages of Lighting Up Your Landscape

Landscape lighting, with its incredible range of products and applications, is a surefire way to improve your property and increase enjoyment of your green areas, whether you are inside or out.

The yard, garden and architectural features of a property, no matter its size, can be a source of great pride and for good reason: it’s usually a big investment of time and money. So why enjoy this critical part of your residence only during the daylight hours?

Below are five advantages to lighting up your landscape with a little advice from our experts.

  1. FLEXIBILITY: You can slowly and gradually add in more lighting features as your time, budget or exterior space allows — it’s all in your hands! Lighting up a single tree or adding path lights can usually be done relatively quickly and will provide a dramatic difference immediately.

    “One of my personal favorite benefits of exterior lighting is the fact that you can easily add, update or move it as you please. It does not require one immediate purchase or decision – but rather it is a gradual process, reducing stress from both a cost and decision standpoint” said Doug Prexta, Hinkley’s Landscape Sales Manager.

  2. ECO-EFFICIENCY: LED technology is the backbone of any landscape lighting plan and will provide long-term cost-savings and almost zero maintenance. Not only does LED lighting expand the lifetime of a bulb, but it also uses at least 70 percent less energy than traditional lighting.

    Heather Garret of Heather Garret Interior Design thinks LEDs are the perfect landscape lighting solution, “Energy efficient lighting is a must for eco-conscious homeowners. Now that the options for LED lamping mimic the luminous feeling of incandescents, we no longer have to choose between beautiful light and energy efficiency” she stated.

    “Now that the options for LED lamping mimic the luminous feeling of incandescents, we no longer have to choose between beautiful light and energy efficiency.”

  3. INCREASED SECURITY AND SAFETY: Eliminate the dark areas of your home’s exterior for added security and safety. A well-lit exterior not only decreases the risk of crime, but it also reinforces safety in hazardous, injury-prone areas.

    Doug Prexta reinforces how important it is to have lighting in high-risk areas, “By adding lighting to the darkest areas of your yard, you can prevent crimes like burglaries and vandalism. Outdoor steps, drop-offs or areas around pools are smart choices to place lighting to prevent injuries.”.

    “Illuminating the driveway and walkways enhance safety and create ease of entry for visitors.”

  4. EXTEND YOUR LIVING SPACE: Crafting a well-lit outdoor living area creates a multi-dimensional home that can be enjoyed day and night. Today, an outdoor living environment is becoming a must-have for every homeowner.

    “Being able to see outside at night is a wonderful way to enlarge the feeling of the size of the property. The exterior becomes an extension of the interior,” said Katie Lydon of Katie Lydon Interiors.

  5. IMPROVED HOME VALUE: With a bit of pre-planning, path lights and exterior lanterns together can make your house stand out from the others and be the talk of the block. Well-designed landscape lighting will reinforce aesthetic appeal and make your home look more sophisticated and well-maintained.

    “Landscape lighting amplifies the overall look and unique features of a home. A well-lit home is more  appealing to the eye, and can mean the difference between a prospective buyer making a home purchase,” said Doug Prexta.

Check out all of Hinkley’s landscape lighting solutions here.

October Eye-Catcher: Porter Outdoor Collection

Freshly falling leaves accompanied by a cool breeze signify that Fall is officially here. During our most popular time for our outdoor category, October is the perfect month to soak up the last of the crisp air and shining sun, while finishing up exterior projects to make sure your space is in tip top shape for the pending winter ahead.

So this month, we decided to feature a family favorite: Porter.

Part of the Lisa McDennon Collection, Porter was one of Lisa’s very first lighting designs that Hinkley selected for production. Inspired by the simplicity of antique glass candle lanterns, Lisa loved the purity of shape and materials provided by such a beautiful containment of light. “When I began to draw the design for Porter, I focused my attention on every detail, but especially the scale and shape of the loop and hook, knowing it needed to be a prominent part of the design,” she said.

Porter’s rectangular and geometric frame suspended by its cast arm, oversized cast loop and rivet details make Porter a statement lantern that complements a variety of facades, from California modern to New England traditional. “Porter emulates an edgy, sculpture-like silhouette that incorporates both modern and organic elements, brought to life by Lisa’s innovative and authentic point of view,” said Jennifer Broadbent, product manager behind the collection.

Below, we selected some of our favorite ways Hinkley shoppers have styled Porter outside of their homes!



The Porter outdoor collection features wall-mount, cable hung, and post or pier mount fixture options. Mounting hardware on all lanterns is hidden on the backplate to ensure a clean silhouette. Cable hung fixtures may be installed on any sloped ceiling. Porter is available in an Aged Zinc or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.

Explore the entire outdoor Porter line, here.

And if you love the look of Porter but want to have it inside your home, Porter is also available as an interior collection that features edgy and polished finishes perfect for any space. Check them out here.

Project Spotlight: Parker's Downtown

Located in The Kimpton Schofield Hotel in Downtown Cleveland, Parker's Downtown reinforces its strong Cleveland roots by proudly calling to mind one of Cleveland’s major landmarks with the large “Guardians of Traffic” statue, setting the stage for an urban feel.

Bringing harmony to the table while incorporating even more local panache, Hinkley’s top selling Hampton Chandelier and its contemporary off-white linen drum shade is the cherry on top of this fine dining experience. Hampton’s minimal, rectangular frame, paired with a decorative acrylic etched bottom lens, helps create a soft elegant touch to the Parker's atmosphere.

Now, it’s your turn: we invite you to take a peek at the full Hampton collection, here.

Function, Flexibility and Lots of Storage

Three Hinkley regulars tell us how they design with kiddos in mind

One of our favorite parts of what makes us who we are is the ability to connect with creative, talented individuals who love the Hinkley brand. With fresh, personal tastes, they help us understand where their style and inspiration derives from – and often times, how lighting plays an integral role in that. We had the chance to interview three unique Hinkley shoppers who gave us a deeper look into what they do and how they do it.

ABOVE: Mercer Sconce; PHOTO: @kristen.mayfield

Can you tell us a little bit about Coomer and Co. i.e. how you got started, your team members and your design firm in general?

Coomer & Co. was started in 2012. After I graduated from college, my husband traveled with the Army so I took it upon myself to start my own business. At first it was just myself, and I began to get so busy I needed the help. Now it’s me and my assistant designer, Meaghan. We do both commercial and residential space, but definitely specialize in residential. We love how personal residential is and we love working with our homeowners to do specialized spaces just for them!

We are obsessed with the practicality and function of this space! Can you tell us about your creative thinking behind this bunk/playroom combo?

The homeowners are blessed with 6+ grandchildren and wanted a space they could feel at home in and not be afraid to have fun and be creative. The bunks make for a practical yet whimsical sleeping situation. We added a fun pop of color on a trim/accent wall to give it another pop of personality.

When you started this project, what was a main priority for the homeowner?

The homeowner wanted a bunk area from the beginning. It was important for them to have a purposeful space for their grandchildren.

What drew you to use Mercer for this space?

The Mercer sconce was the perfect addition to the bunk area. We loved that it was playful yet chic, therefore still a continuation of the more formal spaces in the house. It was both the perfect size and look to tuck right in with the bunks. The gold tone of it helped warm up the light-colored walls and also add an almost fun, nautical feel that every kiddo loves.

Check out @coomerandco on Instagram and see more of their projects on coomerco.com; shop Mercer here

ABOVE: Carlton Semi-Flush Mount; PHOTO: @caitlinantje

Hinkley is very familiar with Sapphire Pear as we’ve worked on many projects together. For those who aren’t familiar, can you tell us a little bit about your team and your design firm in general?

We have an amazing team of four at Sapphire Pear and each of us play an integral part of the project process for our clients. We like to use color in our design, and it is important to us that our client’s homes or spaces reflect them or their company. We do like to have fun in the process and love to throw a good party.

You've designed several children’s rooms – do you approach these designs differently?

Surprisingly I don’t approach kid’s rooms any differently than any other room, but I do know typically the client will let me have a little more fun and get more creative. I design children’s rooms for them to grow up in and make sure they won’t date quickly, so I avoid any characters or themes.

Check out @sapphirepear on Instagram and see more of their projects on interiordesignrockyriveroh.com; shop Carlton here

ABOVE: Somerset Pendant; PHOTO: @elisejoy

Can you tell us about your journey in becoming an expert DIY-er and master-crafter?

My parents were always big on DIY house projects when I was growing up so I feel like I followed their lead and just believed that trying to do something yourself was worth it. I started a blog (enjoyitblog.com) in 2005 and was always looking for new craft projects and DIYs to share. We also moved a lot the first few years of our marriage (my husband is in the Navy) and so it felt like every eighteen months I had a new place to decorate.

We followed the remodel of your new home and noticed you really paid attention to the details; what was your process in designing each space?

Thank you! I am happy with how the house is coming together. My process was to come up with a color scheme early. I knew that I wanted the whole house to be light and bright and so I went with mostly white and cream for the big items (walls, tile and cabinets). Then I decided to use brass finishes so that narrowed my lighting and faucet choices (I find having less options is much better than more options). I chose to warm up the spaces with wood and tan furniture and add a pop of blue through rugs, pillows and the bathroom tile.

What drew you to Somerset for this space?

I stumbled on the lights while searching “brass” and knew right away they would be perfect. I wanted something simple that made a statement and I couldn’t be happier with the pendants.

We love how you capture so many day-to-day activities in your feed with your family. When creating this space, was everyday practicality for your two daughters a main driver in the design?

Yes, definitely. My girls are 3 and 6 but we plan to live in this house for a very long time, so I was thinking about what would work now AND what would work ten years from now when they are in high school. We wanted a ton of seating at the island for coloring and helping with baking cookies now, and for homework and early morning breakfast in the future. My biggest tip for making a space work for kids is hidden storage for toys, art supplies and the piles of stuff that kids like to travel with. This might be extra cabinets or baskets. For us right now, this is a vintage coffee table that opens up. Ours is packed with art supplies!

Check out @elisejoy on Instagram and see more of her projects on elisejoy.com; shop Somerset here