Here’s what we know for sure: the people making a real difference today are frontline responders and volunteers. Because of these heroes, many of us have been able to shelter in place, with our loved ones, in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Homes have never been more important to our health and peace of mind, and it got us thinking.

Whenever those on the front lines are able to be back with their families, we want to help them appreciate that time and, if we can, provide some additional comfort and well-being too.

As a small token of our appreciation, we are giving away 500 ceiling fans to frontline responders and volunteers through May 31. You can check out all the designs we're offering below.

It’s our way of giving back some of the comfort they’ve given us. Nominate in the form below or on one of our social channels.


  1. Oasis 52
    • OA2-ORB  |  W 52" H 14.25"
      Indoor/Outdoor  |  Oil Rubbed Bronze
  2. Bimini 60
    • BI-BNW  |  W 60" H 17.5"
      Indoor/Outdoor  |  Brushed Nickel
  3. Bimini 60
    • BIM-ORB  |  W 60" H 17.5"
      Indoor/Outdoor  |  Oil Rubbed Bronze

  1. Indy 72
    • IN2-BN  |  W 72" H 13.5"
      Indoor/Outdoor  |  Brushed Nickel
  2. Indy 72
    • IN2-EB  |  W 72" H 13.5"
      Indoor/Outdoor  |  English Bronze
  3. Indy 56
    • IN-BN  |  W 56" H 12.75"
      Indoor/Outdoor  |  Brushed Nickel

  1. Grand Marquis 52
    • GMRP-BN  |  W 52" H 15.75"
      Indoor  |  Brushed Nickel
      Light Kit Included
  2. Grand Marquis 52
    • GMRP-CW  |  W 52" H 15.75"
      Indoor  |  Chalk White
      Light Kit Included
  3. Grand Marquis 52
    • GMRP-ORB  |  W 52" H 15.75"
      Indoor  |  Oil Rubbed Bronze
      Light Kit Included

Hinkley will be giving away 500 Regency ceiling fans from the selection above through May 31. Frontline Heroes may enter themselves or be nominated by others. Winners will select their choice after notification. Giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday, May 31. *U.S. Only.

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Ceiling fans will be shipped directly from Hinkley to the winner's preferred address. Installation not included. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at